Camp Ruthie Pet Care


Typical charges for all inclusive service by Camp Ruthie.

Prices vary due to number of pets, size, health, temperament, etc.

Fee quoted prior to booking. Rate as low as $15!


Your Place

Dog walks (1x/day)* $20-$30

Cat visits (1-2x/day) $20-$45

Dog visits (2-4x/day) $60-$80


My Place

Boutique Dog Boarding (daily) $50-$80



Meet & Greet Playdate** $0

Limited Courtesy Shuttle $0

Notes & Photos from Camp $0

TLC & Fun $0


*M-F Dog walk and Daycare packages available at a discounted rate.

**Playdate requires comprehensive intake with documentation to confirm eligibility.

For an estimate please contact Camp Ruthie with a description of your needs.

Prices are Competitive.

Camp Ruthie LLC is certified, licensed, bonded, and insured.

Celebrating 5 years!

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